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Frequently Asked Questions

Email and chat are the preferred ways. The nature of my work means that I'm often in online meetings, 'in the zone' with coding or driving which can make impromptu calls tricky. I meet 99% of my clients in person for our initial meetings, interim updates and for the handover.

Online! Physically though, in Southport and a most of the partners that we work with are across Lancashire and Merseyside.

For all but the biggest projects, we take payment when you go live. There may be times when we need to purchase additional software for your site but we'll let you know about this before the project starts.

Yes! However most of the work I do is for other agencies and, whilst I can show you examples when we meet or give you links when we chat, it can be tricky to put work done for other agency brands on my own site.

You may have already seen some of my work out there!

Sure thing! We'll take an honest approach to reviewing it and give you a quick overview of any issues. Sometimes we might even tell you that your current site is fantastic and that you don't need us to redesign it for you.

It depends upon the platform your site is based on and whether you have the logins required (from your previous designer) to make those changes. Sometimes it can be cheaper and faster to start again but we won't know until we look and, of course, we can always reuse the current copy, images and video from your existing site.

As many as you want! We use Google Workspace (pricing) to provide you with a robust email platform - it also comes with cloud storage for your personal backups and an office suite. "Aliases" such as sales@, hello@, mail@ that simply redirect to your staff's mailboxes are a cheap alternative to creating a lot of Google Workspace accounts.

This is an easy one! A large home removals company was struggling with a low Google Review score that was appearing right next to their search results.  Through a combination of online and offline initiatives we dramatically increased the number of satisfied customers that were leaving reviews, sending the overall review rating soaring. This also dramatically increased the number of new customer enquiries they received too.